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Hi, I’m David, founder of Care Champion. With over 20 years of experience in digital and product teams, I know that products only become great products if they truly understand their Consumer. As a Care Home owner myself, when I was looking to digitalise care planning at my Care Home, I couldn’t quite find a solution that fully understood the needs of my Care Home. And so Care Champion was born… Through my network, I assembled a team of seasoned Care Professionals and Digital Experts to create a platform that brings all the advantages of digital platforms, developed from a Care Professional’s perspective.

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We set out to enhance person-centred care through data driven insights, easy & secure access of information, and user friendly interface. The outcome is a powerful platform that is easily customisable to each Care Homes’ needs, makes the role of Care Professionals easier, ultimately leading to deliver better person-centred care.

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final Fav_1.gif
The Care Champion Advantage
Person-centred Care
  • Intelligent Care Plans. Important information mapped through to all areas you may need it. For example, key information captured in assessments will be mapped through as observations in Care plans, with suggested interventions which you can choose to accept or reject. 

  • Clear recorded handover notes showing task owners and tasks outstanding, which help eliminate human errors.

  • Secure easy access to all information needed in care delivery on multiple devices.

Easy to Use
  • Intuitive interface developed and tested by Care Professionals.

  • Automated and customised alerts, tasks, reminders, and interventions.

  • Clear dashboard showing immediate tasks you need to complete.

  • Ability to customise labels, add new care plans, change layouts directly on the platform. This means you don't incur the expense of configuration done by IT professionals to get things the way you want it. 

Data Driven Intelligence
  • Proactive Insight: Identify trends, early indicators, and best practices with data driven insights.

  • Real-time Monitoring: Clear dashboards with real-time tracking and alerts will  help ensure your home is functioning well.

  • Effective Response:  Identify issues, investigate, and improve with reports, graphs, and historical overviews. 

  • Built on Amazon Web Services platform, leveraging its advanced security features.

  • Compliant with latest security standards.

Aids Collaboration
  • Configurable reports so CQC can see your evidence of care delivery easily.

  • Ability to create various user groups and access privileges to information captured on the platform to facilitate the secure sharing of information to MDT and families.

  • Easy and accurate capturing of notes between users of the platform with full audits on all information capatured, by whom, and when. 

It's the small touches that can make all the difference in patient care.
Care Champion has
made my life easier. We save time, money, and it's very intuitive, so getting used to it was quick.  
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Nicola Simpson, Manager at St. Marks Nursing Home

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